Yz450f looking to add coolant catch can need pic from 2013+ wr

Anyone with a 2013+ wr450f willing to take a few pictures of how the coolant catch can mounts on there bike, I have a 2011 yz450f and the newer 2013+ wr share a similar frame just curious if I'm able to make something work if not I'll buy the motion pro catch can but I'd prefer a cleaner OEM install.

Hmm, I'd really like to see how they mount up, the yz may not have tabs but it does have a few things that affix with 8mm hardware I was almost thinking about making brackets to drop off what's currently there, might have to stop in the dealer ship myself and look at a newer bike and see if I can make something work in my favor, I'm sure someone else would have tried it by now and had a write but maybe it's more work than its worth.

I'll weigh my options and debate on using the more bulky motion pro setup, my bike only tends to occasionally boil over when I woods ride with my girlfriend any other time it's fine.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1468977116.313904.jpg

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Evans coolant and you will not need a catch can.

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