What's an excellent running engine worth?

I am considering parting out my WR426. I want some parts off it myself, and think it's worth more in pieces than whole considering all the aftermarket stuff. I don't know what the market is for the engine. I figured I would let the prospective engine buyer ride the bike first, then after selling the motor I will scavenge what I want then sell the rest off.

$1200 Complete with ignition and carb


Rolling chassis  $600

$1200 Complete with ignition and carb


Rolling chassis  $600


Thanks. I want to keep the carb and fiddle around with it on my piggy wiggy. I'd sell the ignition with it, so what do you think minus carb?

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Minus $250-300 from what I've found.

Thanks, fellas. I put it up for sale for $1,000. If I can get that then it's worth it to me to part the bike out.

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