Amsoil motorcycle "dirt" oil

Oil is a religious matter for a lot of people...we Rotella users are non-denominational.

I would argue against that statement........Rotellites are probably the most fervent of idolizers  :p


Lighten up.

Probably a good starting line for anyone chiming in on these subjects. Well said  :thumbsup:

Hum an engine oil failure is pretty rare these days. However one might get more protection from the worst to the best oil.


There's a clear difference between the best and worst.  But there are a lot more products nearer the top than near the bottom anymore.  If changed very often, most oils are at least adequate.  The biggest question with shared engine/trans combos is whether the oil can stand up to the gearbox without dropping two grade points in 3 hours use. 

I quit using rotella in my duramax diesel, For various reasons that I will not go into detail. Oil analysis reports a lot and I'm tempted to do it with my yz. I would be interested to see how they hold up through various hour intervals and perform comparisons between different oils. We do soap samples on aircraft engines very very frequently, and the results are pretty wild and intriguing. A little overkill? Probably. But these are the technical details I like and enjoy.

This thread was not to be confused with a "what kind of oil should I use" topic. I was hoping someone had interpreted the label the same as I had, and throwing up a flag.

It's very simple, the Amsoil label is misleading, atleast for me it was. When someone recommends their product for certain applications... It makes one wonder why. However, After some clarification from Amsoil, it is basically mis-printed and is meant as a recommendation, in addition to.

Otherwise, one could very easily assume it's recommended for 2strokes and the transmission side of dual sump systems.

Anyways, moving on. Again, I value each persons response, on this useless thread.

I started using the Amsoil dirt in my 02 yz426f after my mechanic, an Amsoil dealer, recommend it. I've had no problems with the oil and it preforms great.

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