2016 leaking fuel pump

I always top off my tank during the week before my weekend ride. This past weekend I started my ride and ran out of gas at about a half of lap. Went back to the pits and filled up and it was leaking like crazy from the fuel pump. I had been smelling gas where I keep my bikes for a few days but thought it was something that was pushing fuel through a vent because of the heat (I live in Southern AZ) I took the tank off and removed the fuel pump and attempted to reseat the gasket/oring. In the service manual it says to always use a new one. I ordered one and found out that they are back ordered until August 5th. Does anyone know if this has been an issue? Thanks for any info.

Found the leak!!! Tank has a crack right where the metal ring is that the fuel pump bolts to!!! Could only see it from inside the tank. Had to use a mirror to see it

Any idea what caused it to crack?

No idea.....I did call the Yamaha customer support number and they did ask me to take it to a Yamaha authorized dealer and have a mechanic have a look at it and call the guy I talked to.

Then at least someone is interested. That's good.

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