Graphics again

I build golf clubs. Golfsmith makes a "grip solvent" that transforms the stickiness on double sided masking tape to a "gooey" state so that you can slide the grip on the club while wet. It dries fairly quickly and then cures (in about 24 hours) and you have a solid bond between club shaft and grip. We all know the amount of torque there is when Tiger swings.

My question: has anyone tried anything like this when installing MX bike graphics/stickers? I have a hunch that it would work quite well and want to try it. I would first like to see if anyone has tried such a thing in case its a bad idea for my $50 set of stickers.

BTW, I put the shroud stickers on this morning using the tub/soap method. Although it worked, I have my doubts as to the strength of the bond. If I do the golf grip thing, I will do it on the tank stickers.

I'd say try it on the fender sticker first. It only costs $12 if it ends up not working, rather than $60 for the the tank decals which you can't buy separately.

I must say, that I've recently been adding decals to my bike with great success in preventing bubbles. The way I do it is only peel off a little of the backing at a time -- maybe an inch at a time and rub as I go, peeling more backing only as needed to continue progress. No water, no soap, nada.

I think the mistake many ppl make is they peel off all the back then stick it on.


I agree, we use the same method. It definately takes two people. Just peel back about an inch of the decal, position it and work your way back SLOWLY. Have your partner slowly peel the backing off as you spred the decal and remove any air bubbles (we also gently heat the decals, but not too much!). We also use about a bottle of rum and a twelve pack of beer, but that is optional. So far all of the bikes we have done came out great with none of the decals peeling off.

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