Big Feet Small Shifter

Anyone have any luck swapping the shifter out or getting a shifter that is more adjustable.

My foot is big, Thats why I get it stuck in my "A*&" or my mouth half the time :)

But I like to adjust the shifter to sit higher then where my foot rests on the peg. The YZ does not give me that luxury.

Before I start looking for stare and compare shifters thougt I would see if anyone else has had and fixed the same problem... :D

ummm, what size you wear? :) i got size 14 tech 8's and i can shift fine and dandy, braking is another story though :D

11 I just get hung up on the shifter causing the dang thing to miss shift and all


Thanks for the link

:) 219 bucks

Man for that my wife will tell me to cut my toes off first :D

I think what I will do is find a shifter from another bike, Steel and mold it to my liking.

My style of ride I set my arch center on the peg, this forces my shoe tip on top of or under the shifter. On Woops or standup riding I tend to hit that shifter and sometimes bad things happen....

Thanks for all the replies

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