450FX Idle Speed

I'll be getting a new 450FX and have read a lot about a good way to increase stalling resistance is to raise idle speed. Have done a lot of searching and cannot find a recommended RPM range. What have others found works well? I've been on 2 stokes for many years so I expect I will go though a learning curve.

I believe the normal is above 2,000 rpm.

I always run thumpers with a little higher idle. Just set it to what feels right, then forget it :)

According to an expert I was told to set it at 2,000 and above or it can be easy to stall.

Probably says the idle speed in the shop manual.

I turned it up two clicks and it seemed to help, also have a steel clutch basket which helped also (there has been some debate here about this but I noticed a difference). I also got the tuner and tried the hard pack map that someone else on here suggested, those 3 changes made it very difficult to stall.

Thanks everyone. I have the power tuner and should have the bike in a few weeks.

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