Shifter position

I am considering buying a 2017 YZF450 but when I sat on the bike on the showroom floor, position of shift tip was way too high for my taste.

I remember riding a 2013 YZF450 wich gave me much trouble getting a solid upshift out of corners. I misshifted quite a few times.

Any of you guys experience similar issues?

Do you think it it possible to lower the shifter one tooth and still get my boot under it on heavy sandy straight sections when you like lean back on the bike?

Thanks for your input,


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Yes, or change the shift lever to a fully adjustable one

What brand would that be? I was thinking Hammerhead but it doesn't look adjustable from what I can see on their website.

The older hammerhead tips were adjustable vertically but I don't think the newer ones are.


I am a bigger dude and usually need to replace pegs, shifters and such to find a combination that works for me.


A small price to pay for a machine as fine as the new YZF's.

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