FMF exhaust?

Hey guys I'm needing a new exhaust for my 09 wr450 and I'm thinkin about the FMF Powercore 4 with the powerbomb header. Anyone have any experience or better options? Thanks

Thousands of posts on the subject


Search for FMF 4.1 or FMF Q4 or FMF powerbomb


Do the full 4.1 pipe with the Powerbomb for best results, or Q4 for less noise at idle and mid throttle.

I have an 08 with the 4 and the power bomb.  It's a completely different bike than with the stock exhaust.   :ride:  :thumbsup:


But, you'll want to re-jet when you do it.  See the stickies at the top of the forums for jetting info.

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