Thumpertalk is being Bought By Honda

:) I just read that in the Wall Street Journal

Cool, maybe it'll run a lot faster now! :)

I hope this isn't true :)

Can't be true. I highly doubt it.

What interest would Honda have in a sight that pretty much loves Yamaha bikes...LOL


:) Oh no and couldn't they wait 'til it wasn't April fools day to announce this? This is all I need!

Yea & Yamaha is giving us all free 03's to swap with our current 400/426's. All they need is your TT member #.... :):D:D

Really, where do I send the info...LOL


Originally posted by EgoAhole:

:) I just read that in the Wall Street Journal

Yep, and I'm posting from my laptop on the beach in Jamaica mon'! :D Thanks for the 10 mil Honda! :D:D


Boy I had you guys, Yuk Yuk

Honda is not buying them

:) That Porno Site did :D

Another forum I visit posted they were bought by American Honda. Wonder if that was an aprils fool joke too. :)

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