Lights on the 450 FX

In any of the YZF-FX-WR models that I have seen, the red wired circuit is battery + throughout the harness.  So long as you tap into battery + at a point with a large enough wire gauge to power the lamp (18 ga should be plenty), it ought to work, it would seem to me.  You would obviously need a switch.  I don't have a current WR schematic, but the non-EFI models ran the headlight direct from the stator off of AC, no relays involved. 


Yeah, that is my plan.

Just wire it direct with a high amp switch or a mini switch and relay.

The BD Squadron is a pretty awesome unit.  It has a cable that connects between the capacitor and....I forget what else.  Reg/rect maybe.  It runs off DC power downstream from the conversion in the reg/rect somewhere.

That only works on the YZ450F, not the YZ450FX. The FX doesn't have a capacitor so the Baja Designs YZ450F wire harness will not work on the YZ450FX as plug and play. The wiring harness I put a link to earlier connects straight to the battery and has a handlebar switch. It also has connections for a tail light. 

Nevermind then!

Did a little probing today.


I have a Baja Designs 'basic' lighting harness.

It has the three-prong headlight connector, a lighting switch connector, and of course 12v and ground connector.


This drawing covers the 'pin out' of the OEM rear tail light and head light, and how you could wire it up for basic front, rear, and rear brake lights, activated by the motor running (only).

Of course many variations on this can be added (manual headlight on/off switch, etc).


Please excuse the crude drawing, as I am old and feeble (and too impatient and lazy to draw it slowly and carefully).


Colors designated in brackets (yel) are the corresponding wire color of the BD mating plug wire.


What's a Headite??

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