when to change chain guides

How often does everyone change chain guides????

changed mine when i discovered the chain was wearing a hole in the swingarm! Need to sikaflex some rubber between the guide and the swingarm to prevent the alloy wearing out when sand and dirt get in there.I used an aftermarket UFO guide.


When you see deep gouges being made from the side plates of the chain, it's time to change. Some guys have waited too long and the chain has actually cut through the nylon slider and cut grooves in the swingarm (not good). Like Hamish said, make sure you put down a layer of goop, or silicone, or rubber under the chain slider to prevent the wear on the swingarm.

For brands, I've found that the stock Yamaha stuff lasts about twice as long as the UFO. I just switched to the T.M. Designworks guide and slider, and those are suppose to last for years. Kind of spendy, and a touch more noisy than stock, but well worth it in my opinion.

it's best to take the goop-rubber-goop-chain slider approach.

The goop keeps the dirt out


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