Wrist Pin question Stock Vs. Aftermarket

Hey guys,


Have an 2008 YZ450, I am in the motor doing some stuff and noticed that the wrist pin has some scuffing on it.  The piston is fairly new still from the previous owner so i just want to replace the wrist pin.  I know the piston is aftermarket due to the retaining rings that hold the wrist pin in place vs. the circlips use on the stock piston.  It does look like to be a high compression piston as well.


My question is, will a stock wrist pin fit an aftermarket piston??

Obviously the diameter should work, but what about length and wall thickness??


Just want to get something ordered and get it put back together.



It may or may not. It could be a different length plus you still need cir clips from the aftermarket piston. If it's apart you also need new rings. So you should just put a new piston kit in it or stock parts and be done.

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The bore size of the pin shouldn't be a question, but as mentioned, the length may be.  You don't want an excessive amount of float between the clips or the pin may batter them out.  Matching the new clips to those that properly belong in the piston is very important to retaining them in the piston as well.  "square" cross section clips in grooves cut for round wire, or vice-versa, is a ticket to a train wreck.

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