2007 electric start issues -help

I recently purchased a 2007 wr450 -The bike runs great and will kick start and run fine but I only get a clicking noise when I try to start with the E button -I have pulled the seat and and checked the wiring and battery and starter motor connections -I have replaced the battery and the solenoid with the 10 amp fuses underneath the seat - I don't think starter has gone bad it seems like more of a electrical glitch -If anyone knows what might be going on here- I would appreciate any help as to where to start trouble shooting this -Thx

Take a screwdriver and jump across the two 8mm bolts under the little clear plastic cover in front of the

battery.   If the starter turns, you probably have a bad starter relay.   If you get nothing, the starter is dead.


This bypasses everything and sends 12 volts directly from the battery to the starter.

Sounds like a bad battery if not it's the starter. You need 13 + volts to start it. When you push the button if the battery shows 9-10 volts there's your problem.

Ok thank you I will check those 2 out and see what happens thank you .

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Ok thank you- I will check those 2 things out and see what happens

We just had this on my buddy's 2004.  The starter would turn over intermittently.  Sometimes just a click.  First we replaced the solenoid because the battery tested ok and the guy at the parts counter said the solenoids go all the time.  No luck.  Then we replaced the battery, hoping that we wouldn't have to replace the starter.  Still no luck.  Turns out it was the starter.  We got one off of amazon for under $100 and the thing works great now.  Make sure you do your voltage testing as suggested, but if it's the starter, you don't have to drop $350 on the OEM one.  Here's a link to the one he bought.  It's not the right year, but maybe it'll help with the search...



Yeah you have to be careful to get the right year if it's the starter. The 07's - 11 take a different starter.

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