Dunlop D773?

I'm looking into a fresh set of nobbies for the new season. I've always used the Dunlop D752s and I've liked them fairly well. I now see on Dunlop's site that they have a new D773 tire on the market. They claim it's a more tractable and a better tire in general than both the D752 and D755.

I ride in mostly sandy conditions but I see a lot of hard pack too. Michigan. :) Is it a GOOD all-around tire? How is it compared to the D752 or D755?

What's your thoughts?



This tire is unbelieveable!

It does everything the 752 does but it has more control in turning and especially under braking. Hook up, don't even ask? The wear is as good, maybe a little better, less chunking than the 752. Strange especially with such a tall knob.


It is a awesome sand/loamy condition tire. Hard pack will wear it out very quick.

The Dunlop 756 is the most versatile tire I have ever used. Great in soft to intermediate conditions and not too bad on hard pack. Great tire when track conditions change (as they always do) throughout the day.

I hate to break the trend but I would suggest you try a Michelin. A Starcross MS-2 for sand and loamy conditions. I use mine as well in hard pack but the MH-2 is supposed to be more suited for Intermediate to hard but the MS-2 works fine for me. Also, it seems to be a better lasting tire than the Dunlops.

I haven't tried the 773's, but I ran mostly the 756's last year. I don't even see a comparison between the 756 and the MS 2. Also for medium and hardpack you might try the M-12.

I've seen a couple of diehard Dunlop riders at the race track around here making the change after giving the Michelins a shot.

hey try a bridgestone 402 great tire had one on a 520sx it dug like crazy in all conditions

We are big fans of the 756's, but just bought a set of Michelins. We heard the 773's were an awesome tire in the loam, but had some "skating" issues when they got on hard-packed.

I am going to mount the Mich's today for Friday night racing. We will let ya know.


I think I'll try this one, suggested by Ego. :)rtr_rat23_tire.jpg

Well, maybe not. :D

I'd like to try all these tires, but I'm in high school so money doesn't come real easy. I've thought about where I ride a lot lately and I now think I should opt for an intermediate tire more so than a soft terrain tire.

What width are you running with the Michelins? The M-12 does look appealing and sounds like a good all around tire at a reasonable price. I was just checkin it out on RockyMC's site but they don't have the 110/90x19 listed. I'd like to order from them due to their good prices.

I'm sure the MH2 is a good tire too, but it looks to me like it actually has too many knobs and wouldn't clean out very well. I could be wrong.

Let me know what you think

Thanks for all your responses


[ April 03, 2002: Message edited by: teamtoxic ]

This morning I searched the TT database on tires and I seemed to read a lot about the Michelin S-12s. My Dad called his buddy/owner of Magic Racing a.k.a. Mr. X and this is the tire he suggested over the M-12. $62 for the rear and $47 for the front, then our discount taken off that. I'm going to give it a shot. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a good one!

Thanx again for all your comments.


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