To lubricate or not to lubricate

Hey guys, just doing a bit of winter maintenance and I was wondering how often I should be lubrication the swingarm and linkage. I pulled out the swingarm pivot bolt??? and the bearings were full of grease(dirty?). Is it safe to assume that the rest are like this. Meaning I should do what??? Bike is '01 426 with about 40ish rides of beginner/intermediatish( I hope) rides on her. Anything else I should be doing. I also just changed sprockets and chain as stock was just starting to show wear. I am also going to flip the rear tire to get a little extra use.

I grease my linkages twice a year, whether they need it or not. Just because one bearing has grease, it's not safe to assume that the others are greased. My lower shock pivot was dry and all my other bearings were good on my last service. It only takes a few minutes and it's good insurance in my opin.

One last thing, when you flip the tire around, beware as you won't have near the braking ability that you would expect. I did that once. I went storming into a corner, tagged the brakes, and broke limbs off trees for the next 15 feet.


Good call merf, the swingarm pivot bolt was greased but all others had some sort of plasticish type stuff in place of where grease should have been with a light coating of a WD-40ish film all around. I took all needles out and greased all, even re did the swingarm pivot bolt. Took a little time but I'm glad I did.``Oh yeah, bought a new tire. Thanks. :)


I guess I'm a little more anal than most, but I relube my swingarm and linkage every other tire change. This equates to approximately every 3 months or so. My 426 holds and keeps the grease clean very well. I have a 94 YZ 250 that seems like the linkage was made to collect dirt. I guess the 426 has better technology in it's manufacturing, but on my 94 I can lube the linkage one weekend, tear it apart the next and it looks like I haven't lubed it for years. I also relube the stearing head bearings after every front tire change. This equates to approximately every 6 months. If you've ever attempted to un-install old steering head bearings and races and install new steering head bearings and races, you know that it's far far better safe than sorry.

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Maybe I am an ol fart with nothing more to do, but I love to tinker, and getting the bike clean and setup for the next ride is half the fun. I am going through the back half of the bike this week as well as the valves.

But I would say (Personaly) I am greasing the thing up as Matt specs out about every three months. I dunno maybe its me and some habits I picked up through the years, but going through the bike and keeping it in great shape stops things from falling off or breaking.

Like I say I like to tinker and the Yizzer is a perfect Tinker toy :)

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