12-15 WR450 Key and button

Has anyone wired in one of SICASS's keys into their bikes? Were you like me and thought that would get rid of the button because you didn't read the whole description?  If you aren't can you tell me how to ditch the button and only use the key? As it works now, the key basically acts as the kill switch is being held down. the button still controls the lights and speedo. I want the key to control everything. thoughts?

If Balki were here he'd say "Don't be ridiculous".

You would need to add a Relay, and wire in the key to replace the button.

You would need a second relay if you want  the lights to stop working with the motor off, key on or off.

on my 07- I just bought a 2 wire key switch from ebay- i think it was for a ttr or something. Iirc the button is just a two wire toggle switch- simple to do

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