Bad start to April!!!! knocking sound???

This morning when I fired up "Oger" there was a LOUD knocking sound coming from the right rear of the bike.???! W.T.H?

I thought it was the brakes at first but then got to listening to it and it was coming from the exhaust system. I pulled it completely apart and was amazed at the amount of rust and lack of grease in the bearings!

Not only does Yamaha NOT grease the steering stem or the rear linkage (basically NO grease) but they do not even grease the "ALL IMPORTANT" <H2><FONT COLOR=BLUE>MUFFLER BEARINGS!</FONT></H2>

What the hell are they thinking. It caused my muffler bearings to get SO hot that it nearly boiled my BLINKER FLUID! This really T's me off!

I will NEVER EVER buy another Yamaha if they continue to pull such stunts! (until AUGUST!!!)

:D <h3><font color=blue>HAPPY APRIL FOOLS </FONT><FONT COLOR=RED>ALL</FONT></H3> :)

[ April 01, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

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