I have a problem!!!!

In the past two years I have been through 5 mx bikes 3 yamaha's and 2 ktm's. Just picked up a brand new yz426 today. Now I have 3 bikes in my garage and it's making me feel so guilty. Three bikes are ridiculous!!!! How do I stop buying and selling bikes? I think I need professional help. This 426 is sick FAST and way too much fun to ride.

I have an idea, how about you just give me one of the bikes and that way when you start losing the money it will stop you from getting more! :):D:D LOL

PS. I will even come pick it up.

sadwavey.gifI'll take one too please!

must be nice!! i have 4 bikes myself..but only 1 for me..others are the wifes and kids :):D

Hey and if you like to Gamble (RENO) Stop by Hollister first and give me all your money. I will give you 50/50 you will get a 3rd back by the end of the week. :)

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