Isle of Manne?

Is it true that the T.T. has been called off this year? I thought that the foot and mouth has settled right down? Has it affected other motor sport series in Britain to such a degree that there is basically nothing to do except sit in a pub and down a few Boddies??. Hope we don't get it in Oz, because the beer is no where near as good as Boddingtons!!!!

Hey Bud,

Yeah, it was cancelled as far back as 6 weeks ago. Sucks big time as I have always wanted to go myself.... Next year.....


look me up next year if going to the TT, I'll be there as usual, bit p155ed at missing out this year, first year I've missed in 10.

scooby :)

Hey Scooby,

You can count on it. Splint and I will be there, laying in the gutter and cheering with you.. :)...


i get one weeks holiday a year & i think i'm lucky!

just jestin!

i get week 6 of the hols free & it coincides with the amatuer TT named the Manx GP. i did the world athletics championships two years ago at seville in spain. brilliant & i'd love to go to edmonton but it's in mid august so i'm knackered.

i've been lookig at a rally called the transdanubia which is for 6 days from the 25th of august but it was £2k all in & would have left me shattered(1,000 mile drive home!) .

it's from south germany up through the czeck rep & hungary & is meant to be a great starter. apparently if you're running short of fuel, you just pull off the course, ride into town & fill up!

i figured if i could enjoy this i would try the easiest african one which is the tunisian rally. hell, as i look forward to at least one mid-life crisis i could piss off down to the tip of africa or something.

but the expense! wow

only mitch could afford it!

so i guess it's back to the manx. no problems, i love the place & this year i expect the addition of a few thousand extra TT fans looking for their annual fix!



I would love to go to the Manx this year but I had already booked up another holiday b4 the F&M got the better of the TT. Quite a few are still going to the IOM even though there's no racing, not me though, I go firstly for the racing, secondly for the trailriding and moto-x events both of which will not be happening - see my other post under numberplate backgrounds.

Mitch, keep a note of my email and give me a shout if you're going next year, my ferry booking for this year has been transferred to next year's TT so I will be there. We'll hook up for a few slurps :):D:D

Scooby fart.gif

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