What decal set is on my bike?

More precisely, the radiator shrouds... They're starting to peel, so I'm thinking of getting new decals and maybe even plastics for my 2005. Will probably get an Acerbis tank (which I figure is good as the tank stickers are kind of yellowish now). However, there seem to be few options out there for the sub 2007 models, most of which are hideous. I really like my current radiator shrouds (though not a big fan of the rockstar shit). Can't seem to find the same ones anywhere... Any ideas?



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I have never seen those graphics before.

Probably custom made on line.

There is a symbol right above the lowest shroud mounting hole.

I think that is the brand of the graphics.

Usually somewhere on the graphics is the maker logo or name.

Woefully ugly, them there.

Interesting, thanks Rocker. I'll dry PVC contact adhesive for now as I have some lying around (or maybe silicone). No tank graphics in that kit, but I plan on getting a 3.3 from Acerbis anyways. What's weird is that it says 2007+, but my bike is a 2005... Maybe it also fits pre-2007 bikes? Can't seem to be able to find the same for a 2005. Price is certainly right... 


And Krannie, you can't talk about the looks of anyone's bike with that seat of yours. ;-)

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