Hard clutch pull

I have a 2012 yz 450f and the clutch pull is ridiculous compared to my buddies 13 yz 250f. Any clutch perches or levers etc I could buy to make it almost effortless??  

I would only wonder about effortless but you could likely use 2016 WR450 springs if they are different. In the earlier 06 -09 YZ THE WR springs were lighter I believe. Maybe even a Arc lever or Magura hydraulic.

250F clutch springs make a huge difference....



File your basket tangs smooth again

Put on a new clutch cable

Add a modern perch and lever.

Do the clutch lever mod, change the ca le hold point closer to pivot point.

ARC makes perch/lever combos that give you mulitple pivot point options.


The 25mm option is the ratio that Honda uses, and hence the light clutch feel.


That's what I put on all my Yamahas

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