power up kit

Is there a power up kit part number from Honda??? My dealer has no idea what I'm talking about. "Imagine that" :)

If you are talking about the basic jet kit, opened up exhaust tip, and new carburetor boot, it can be done very inexpensively. You can buy the jet kit on e-bay for about $15.00 including shipping, and the rest you can do with some simple tools. There are several articles on how to do this. Mine took only a couple of hours, with the exhaust tip being the most time consuming. Look for "Making the XR650R run right". E-mail me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!


My buddie went through the exact same thing when he went to the local dealership and asked for the powerup kit. In a nutshell you need to get them to order it from a place like Baja Designs out in Cali. It' does exist and Honda I believe does have a part number for it.


i have the part numbers but they are on another computer-i got them from one of the other 650 websites.- I think you can find the numbers on either the yahoo site, or www.xr650r.us

Its available. Service Honda probably can help you out as well.


I thought you had your bike bored to 680??

The "HRC power-up kit" consists of a high compression piston, a high lift camshaft, and several pieces to reinforce the camdrive and clutch assemblies. This kit is available from from HRC (honda racing corporation), and runs about $1200 dollars retail. I have seen it for hundreds less at various internet sites. Try Service Honda (you'll have to call them, its not easy to find the kit on thier web-site). I tried to find a part number for the HRC kit, but had no luck. I have service hondas number..its 219-932-9332. I have always had the best service from a dude called "pooh". Ask for him, he will get you hooked up.

or try here--a list of the part numbers for the power up kit options...


2000-no i considered the 680 kit, and the 715 kit, and the Ross 11.5:1 but in the end i figured the dependability of the OEM piston is the most important thing--i race 200-300 miles a month (sometimes triple that!)--and lots more in pre-running and periodic Baja tours, fun rides, etc...so i needed a piston that would last 6 months (or more) at a time. The 680 kit just isnt proven--and there is some debate about the Wiesco piston. I might try a Ross 11:1, but really--i have the power and suspension dialed on that bike--its the weight thats killing me. Those KTM's pass me after mile 125-150 every race! CRF450X-i need you!

Thank's guys but my dream is over. The whole deal was a fella was going to buy my XRL but he decided not too. So I guess I'm still stuck with my BRACP.


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