Yz450 wheel question

Hi all I have a 2010 yz450f And I've recently purchased an 04 wr450f very cheap. I've just started to get into flat track and want to buy a wheel set 19 x 2.15 front an rear. I'm looking to put these wheels on my wr and lower it to flat track standards.

I know wr has a 18 not 19 rear just wondering Once I get better I would like to set my yz450 to flat track spec.

Will this wheel set for wr will they fit a 2010 Yz? With different spacers? Are the hubs the same?

I am new to this fourm sorry if this has been answered thanks

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I has been, and the answer is NO. 




The front would fit if you used a spacer to sub for the speedo drive, but you still have to seal it.  In the rear, there was an axle change in '09 from 22 to 25mm.  No bearings exist to make the swap fit right.

I do something similiar with my supermoto wheels. They are for an 11 Yz450 and I wanted to try them on my yz 125. As said the front is not a problem. The rear has the hub for the larger axle. Tusk sales a set of spacers that will slide in the bearing and reduce it to 22mm. The spacers say they will onky work for Tusk hubs but I use them with different hubs. Works perfect for ny application.

Do you have a part # for the tusk spacers?

I have a warp 17x5 sm rear wheel for a 09+ my bike is a 07- i was going to lace an oem early hub to it but this sounds easier



These are the spacers I used.  They look different than the photo.  Tusk hubs use a bearing to fit the 25mm axle.  They use the same hub for the older models and use these spacers to sleeve down to 22mm.


The spacers match the stock spacers except they extend into the bearing to take up the space between the 22mm axle and 25mm bearing.


I actually used them on a aftermarket hub that is wider than stock and just machined the shoulders to get the correct widths/offset I needed.

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