YZ426 chain options

It looks like my YZ needs a chain before too long. It's a supermoto, so width is at a premium (although the current non O ring chain doesn't seem to rub). What's a good option? Are there O/X ring chains skinny enough to work?

My absolute favorite chain is the Regina ORN-6.  I get 18-24 months of service from them on a dirt bike, and they usually stiffen or wear the tops/bottoms of the plates down before they stretch enough to warrant replacement.  Priced very competitively with other premium chains, too.


If you prefer rivet type masters, the ORS-6 is the same thing with the different link.

How wide are they? 

The pin length of the ORN6 is 20.4mm.  Not really wider than some non-sealed chains.  The ORS6 is, for whatever reason, slightly wider at 21.2mm pin length.

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