Factory FX Graphics

Anybody got any comments on Factory FX Graphics? I have always used One Industries or N-style. I like the kit they have this year for the YZ's and want to know if they are of the same or better quality. Anybody know?

I had a problem with the tank graphics bubbling. I called them, and they blamed it on the Yamaha tank "breathing". They were supposed to send me a new set but never did..

I used to get the bubbles also, until I started draining my tank after every ride. Now my graphics never bubble.

I've had good luck w/factory effex. As a matter of fact, I'm ordering a new set this week.


Well, that is the problem now with the stock graphics. The left side started bubbling about two weeks after I got the bike. I can't really drain the tank every time because I usually ride everyday. I hate to spend the money and have the same thing happen

Any decals brand will be bubbling after a week or two in the gas tank area, I'll bet you! just buy whatever brand you like the most, Factory Effex is a very good brand as well as One Industries and N-Style ! I have seen different brands of decals and graphics on my buddies thumpers and all of them got bubbles in their tanks, the best part is that they are free, the manufacturer doesn't charge the bubbles......! :)

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