Name that battery...

I while back, several months ago, somebody posted links to a German made battery that fit into the WR450 with a lot more cranking amps than the stocker. Does anybody remember this? I tried searching, but came up empty. My best friend has an '03 that will not turn over at least 50% of the time.

It just clicks. We've tried the battery tender, and the battery is charged.


Try Odyssey Batteries These batteries are dry cells and last forever. I use them in my Jeep and have drained them from 12 volts to 6 volts and have been able to recharge them back to 12 volts again over and over again. Try doing that just once with a normal battery.

The only draw back to using these batteries is that they do weigh more than the stock one and cost several times more. But it will have a lot more cranking amps than stock.

I would buy a Hawker Gel battery for a replacement for my WR450. They are lighter than the dry cells and very vibration resistant! :) Check out this link:

Lukejt, specifically which battery is in your buddy's WR? The WR that I bought from Indy's buddy has a Yuasa YTZ7S, it's a great little battery. Funny coincidence as this little gel-cell is the same battery I use in my street/track bikes. If it can easily spark up the big lumps in my Ducatis, it should function just fine in the WR with the decomp setup.

The YTZ7S can be found at a pretty nice price at Motorcycle Batteries USA - around $78 shipped to your door. They might be a good place to try to find something that cranks harder if you really need. Issue may be finding something that packages in the same space, that's one small battery!

Motorcycle Batteries USA

I've ordered from them several times, always super easy to deal with and speedy order turnaround.

Thanks guys. I don't know what battery is in the bike. It's kind of like when the engine is at TDC, the motor does not have the ass to kick the engine over.

He can give the kicker an easy push, then hit the magic button again the the starter turns over just fine. He got the bike used, and it has been like this since day one. We've charged the battery a couple times, and even after riding all day with a warm engine the thing just will not turn over. It's like flipping a coin.

I saw somebody talking about more powerfull batteries a while back. I even think somebody pointed out that the stock WR came with two different batteries. I'll bet he's got the weak one.

I sent him this thread, the rest is up to him.


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