Blue wire massacre

O.K. fess up, how many of you totally mangled the blue wire trying to disconnect it? Please tell me I am not the only one!

Mine started to pull out from the insulator so I quit to wait and see more results before I really bugger it up. :)

I was with Motoman393 when we did his, and it started to get messd up, so we sprayed some WD-40 in there to lube it up and let it soak a minute, then pulled a little more and it came out fine.


When I did mine, I pushed into the plug side with a stiff wire, while pulling from the other side with needle-nose pliers.

The end result has been dramatic. I'm glad I did it.


Just take the connection apart. Then take a very tiny flat screwdriver and gently wiggle it in on the plug side not the wire side. Hold it there and pull the wire out slowly. If it doesnt want to go play around with the srewdriver a bit gently and then try again. You just have to depress the little tab that is on the wire connecter. Mine just popped right out nice and smooth. When you put the connection back together put a little vaseline on the oring gasket and it will slide back together perfectly and also seal it up at the same time. Make a little rubber plug to fill the hole where the wire connecter came out of and tap up the wire connecter. I hope that helps a little bit.

Just to let ya know, today I compared the spark created by the sparkplug before and after unplugging the blue wire. The spark is definately stronger and more defined after doing the mod. Check for yourself.


What Blue Wire ?


It was supposed to be the BLUE WIRE


Oh Me Gosh

Now ya tell me its the Blue Wire


Thanks Guys for all the great tips. They are too late to help me but not too late for others. Sounds like I will never have to bother hooking it up again.I just wrapped the frayed wire with electrical tape and called it good. It is too soon to tell if it helped. My bike had not been started in 6 weeks so it did take more than a few kicks to start.

I too had a dificult time with this one. My solution was after attempting the small screwdriver trick, which did not work, I broke out the dremel and made a slot in the plastic outer connector so that I could get small pliers on wire connector. I made this slot away from the point that the two wires make contact so that I will be able to plug it in again if necessary with a wrap of electrical tape over the outside of the plastic connector. It took a little time but worked like a champ!

Keep Roostin'


I used a tooth-pick on the connector side of the plug and the wire practically fell out.

I then put the T-pick back in my mouth, washed down the dirt with a Budweiser. Fire the dog up on the first kick, let out a big redneck Yaaahooooo!, Got another beer, sat in the shop staring at my bike smiling. Isn't life beautiful!! :)

Yup, will admit it.

Went ahead and tried to pull the wire couple weeks ago one morning before hitting up a new spot in Western CO. Needless to say I was in kind of a hurry, and tried to be gentle with it. Sprayed it with WD-40, poked it from the connector side, pulled gently on the wire, never the less, it totally pulled out of the connector, CRAP!!

It's still hanging there with no electrical tape on it, guess I should get around to that :D !

Dodger :):D

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