Well take a look at this...wheel and axle issue

I recently purchased a set of wheels and after installing both wheels I had issues with the rear brakes loosing fluid and the front seals popping out. I took a look at the wheels and noticed that both axles are definitely too small for the diameter of the hub and bearings. Is there something I am missing here? The diameter of the wole is the same exact size as the fat end of the axle (pic included). Let me know if its just some sleeve I'm missing or if the wheel and bearings are just too big.

2016-08-03 17.58.13.jpg

2016-08-03 17.54.22.jpg

2016-08-03 22.25.16.jpg

Can't help you on the axle but the wheels look killer.

Look like you are missing the spacers. The spacers have a lip that sleeve down into the bearing...

Those look like SM Pro Wheels which I have a set

The idea behind the wheels is to use different spacers for for different axel sizes. You can use the same wheels for a YZ 250 as you can for a YZ450...

-The one has a 22mm ID that has a sleeve to go into the bearing (meant for a YZ250 2T.

-The one in the right has a 25mm ID but no sleeve because the bearing is the correct size for a 25mm axel.


As you can see they both fit. (I'm using my rear wheel as the example cause it's off the bike but it explains the point)





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Wooooowwwww ok thank you I have a bunch of different spacers.

What diameter is the front axle. The rear is 22 mm I will try the spacers I have.

What diameter is the front axle. The rear is 22 mm I will try the spacers I have.

Depends on year***

14-17 22mm front, 25mm rear

09-13 25mm rear, 20mm front

99-08 20mm front, 22mm rear

I don't have the proper spacers. I don't even have any that the front axle for through.

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