Picture Test

Well with a week break in racing, had the time to do stuff around the house (much needed) and upload some pics.AaNnLkSvQptyZSJ.JPEG


Check out the monster 20" front tire, this bike gets plenty of traction front and rear!






Did I ever tell you guys I love this sport, now put down your guns and go RIDING!!!!

I don't neeeeeeed a pickle, I just waaaaaana ride my motosickle....

Nice pics G, is that Decoster on that Yamaha at Glen Helen?


Hey RacerX, yea the Man stole my scoot and went for some laps @ the Glen, I was lucky to get it back!

btw just got back from CottonWood, it was a rainout!!! Luckily we got one moto in #5 and they cancelled the program after that. It was really slippery and with all the jumps was kinda scetchy!


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