YZ500FM pics

Here are som pictures I took at Valkenswaard a week ago, bike sounded really nice.




If this works, thank you felixx4_2_6 :)

Ok this time it worked, thank you Felixx4_2_6. The race was won by Joel Smets on his KTM, Bervoets on a Yamaha came second and Everts came in third. Bartolini on a Honda pulled the holeshot on his CRF450, but was passed after a some laps. Everts was leading most of the race, but got problems with forearm pump, and had to settle for third. I was hoping to get an idea as to what the 03 YZF450 might look like, but the bikes look the same as last year. BTW check out the clutch and brake leavers, aren't they very high up. Anyone ride with their leavers this way???

Sounds like this race wasn't in the US (I'm horrible with geography and don't recognize the name that you gave for the area). If so, then aren't these the full "works" bikes that are allowed over there but not over here? I wonder what these things weigh and how much HP they have!? :)

Nice pics, I really like that frame.....I wonder if this is what Yamaha has in store for 2003?????

It looks like aluminum & probably weighs a lot less than current..... :)

The GP thumpers have had aluminum frames now for several years and don't look like they've really changed much since then. I don't think very many parts or ideas ever really make it from these bikes to ours.

Ok Thats cool but here is Buck 25

1: Its Europe

2: Its a Works GP Bike

3: It will never Deput in the US (Works GP) Thanks AMA

4: When Doug Henry was campaigning the new Thumpy his was a 426, the public got a 400 for two years

5: It will not be a 500 in US I have 5 bucks on it

Motoman Will Pay my Share

:) Never bet against someone who has an EGO

The pics were taken at the first MXGP round in Holland. If you want technical info chech out this link


I asked a mechanic about the weight and power, he said: just heavy enough with all the power you want. I guess its ok to be a factory rider here in Europe. :)


Your question about the levers, I had the same question when I got back into racing last year. A lot of the younger riders are setting their levers at this height or even higher. I was always taught to angle them done in order to keep your elbows up.

When I asked, I was having arm pump problems at the time. I asked about that and they told me my levers were too low and it cause more pressure to be exerted on the area of the hand between the base of the thumb and first knucle. They indicated that it restricted blood flow or such and caused hand fatigue and arm pump.

I adjusted mine up gradually until I was comfortable with the height in the picture. Now it feels completely natural. I don't get arm pump or hand fatigue that bad anymore. Of course like I said I was just getting back into the sport so my conditioning could have been the cause as well.

Maybe somebody that knows better can reply and set the record straight.

I have an arrow pipe as well.

Brought it back from England.

There Italian made and do have a good ring to 'em


ummmm......the decompression lever is on the other side, can we do that?

Thanks for the input kfrosty, I think I'll give it a try and see if it helps my armpump. :)

the value/cost of last years bike was approx £125,000

with such detailing as carbon fibre pins holding a floating disc and one off carbon fibre air box

it allso has one off cast crank cases not modified stock....

all this,,,,and he gets paid to ride it!

Actually it would not make sense to make the new bike bigger than 450 because then it could not legally compete against 2 strokes under the new AMA rules. The "works" bikes you are looking at, while very trick, cool, and lightweight, must still be pretty normal engine wise because thegoverning body of World GP, the FIM(International Federation of Motorcycling) reuires they run on pump gas and pass a 93 db sound limit. Sounds pretty works to me.



Killer lookin ride, you have to admit, there is alot to be said for the gp series. All that technology in such a small package. Pump gas and 93db. It can be done!!

400f street legal

Ride it,slide it, try and control it, that is what makes this sport worth it! :)

The 2002 FIM motocross rules are unleaded fuel with RON (Octane) between 95 and 102, and sound limit of 98dB.

(according to the documents on their website FIM Homepage

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