I never see any 2010-2013 YZ 450s at the track

I don't really know how many of these Yamaha sold, and I know they were supposedly unbreakable, but I just have not seen ANY of these bikes at any of my local MX tracks over the last two years.  I visit tracks here in IN / IL and I just cannot recall seeing one around.  It would seem that, with their reliability and power, plus the fact that they are not cherished, therefore, should be available for a good price, it would seem like these would be solid choices for guys wanting a 450 but not wanting a turd or an overpriced brand.  Surely a guy could buy a clean, low-hour 2010-2011 for less than $3k and ride it for a long time.  Anybody else find this to be true at your local tracks?

Not here in San Diego, I see more and more every time.

I see a few but not tons. But I really do not pay to kuch attention to what everyone else rides.

I see one once in a while, and there are one or two on CL in my area from time to time when guys go for a newer bike or go back to two strokes. I have one sitting in my garage that I really like, it was bought pretty cheap from original owner and bone stock. I have since then done several mods and have grown to love it and will never sell it. I have too much time and money invested in searching for a good set up to ever sell it to only get maybe 3k for it. I agree with you that it makes sense to look for these because of their reliability and the price of them used because most people have been told or read about how awful they are so they either start looking for a different brand or get a newer yzf.

Interesting point. I actually see more of them in the woods than I do at the mx tracks. Really starting to see A LOT of yz250x show up too.

I made my 2011 into a woods bike.  On wide open GNCC style races, it is ridiculous! So much power and once you've got them set up the SSS stuff does great even in stock trim.  In the real tight stuff a rekluse would be nice, but its doable.  Put it on a track, and you still have that power and the SSS stuff works well, although could be stiffened up.  I've seen a few at woods races, but you're right I haven't seen too many at the tracks.  

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