MOVIE: Canadian winter {kinda ot but realy good}

just finished the latest video. Winter wheeling.

10min long {2 songs}, 70mb, divx, .avi.

you will ned a codec to play the movie. the best codec pack can be found here.

"save target as"

DivX ver 4 {no ads}

it is footage from a few adventures and allot from red ballz 4x4 event. my truck is the black toyota with the black "TT" ghost lettering on the hood {sometimes}

Wabbit has hosted it for me. THX dude :)


lonewolf has also hosted the vid for me


if that doest work i will send it via msn messenger. or i can upload it to your ftp site.

MSN ONLY, emails blocked.

:D :D :D

Hey Simon: tried both links, media player only receiving music with the lava lamp swirl for graphics. have these links worked for you? interested in seeing your vid...

what editing software are you using?

both links are the same vid

you need the Divx codec

download the FREE versoin {it is a compression codec}.

when installing it ONLY INSTAL THE CODEC. not the EKG or the Divx player {they are unk}

COOL video. :D Crappy music. :) I'd much rather hear the motors and the narration, IMHO. :D

can you tell me why you don't like the music?

you don't like heavy music? or just not the songs?

i normally use hip hop or more main stream sh-t for my vids. but heavy sh-t suits the 4x4ing well

That kind of music just isn't my style, I guess. Actually, I thought the music was pretty cool, I just can't stand it when they scream into the mics and call that singing :)

The video was AWESOME though! Keep them coming... :D

I installed the defilerpak but it still won't play. What player do you suggest? Are there any compatibility issues?


It would be better without the crappy songs, I'd like to her some engines :)

I installed the defilerpak but it still won't play.

your not looking for a player. your looking for a codec to uncompress the file as you watch it.

try here

Divx ver 4 [no adds}

nice vid man, you guys are crazy. you wouldnt think a truck could get through some of those spots :)


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