bodywork xr600 fit xr650L ????

I have a buddy who just bought one of those white 650L and he wants to put red plastic and possibly a plastic tank on it. Will the XR600 plastic and tank fit. If so he can then save alot of money by buying aftermarket or even maybe e-bay.

I don't think the tank off a XR600 will fit a 650L (I think they mount different in the front) but the right side panel and front fender might be the same. I think the 650L left side panel has more width (bulges out more to accomodate the tool kit holder). IMS and Clarke make aftermarket gas tanks for the 650L

Will the XR600 plastic and tank fit.

Tank will definitely NOT fit. Right side panel will. Left side panel won't, larger to accommodate the battery & fuse box. Front fender should. Get the Clarke 4.0 in red if yoru're trying to change colors. Well-made & fits like factory.

Some people have had limited success painting their plastic. The paint needs to be like a vinyl-type undercoating, flexible and durable.

I like my white plastic on my 98. Looks sharp, especially with the white Clarke 4.0, Maier tail light, Acerbis fork/disc guards, Renthals... :)

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