Anyone have to raise their shift lever?

I find that with my size 12 tech 8's that it is difficult to get my toe under the lever to upshift. But when you try to move the lever up, it only goes up a-lot! So far that it hits the countersprocket guard.

Besides lowering the footpegs and removing the countersprocket guard, has anyone else solved/had this problem??

I had the same trouble with my size 12 hoof, but had no trouble moving the shift lever up one tooth. My only problem is the brake lever. At the end of it's adjustment the lever is in an ok position, but I plan to lower the pegs which will put me in a spot of bother.


Same problem here. You could try the free footpeg mod. That would be the equivalent of raising the shift lever about an inch. But then you're still left with the rear brake lever too high. Am I just retarded, or is there some other way to get the rear brake level lower? Mine is as low as the adjuster will allow, but its still only even with the top of the footpeg.


I had to raise my Shift lever after I bought a new pair of Boots (AXO RC6).

I took a aftermarket MSR shifter and bent it to my liking.

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