larger holes in silencer core

Someone was going to try putting larger holes in the silencer core and tell us if it was quieter or not. I don't remember who it was or which thread this was in, but whoever you are did you try this and how did it work? :)

I did this on one of my YZ250's I had a couple of years ago. It made it just a little bit more quiet. When enlarging the holes you are weakening the core strength. I would be hesitant(sp?) to do this to my mighty 426 because of the extra vibration and volumn of flow through the core. If the core were to break it would cause performance problems, not to mention the cost of replacement.

Maybe a couple of larger holes a few inches apart would be ok.


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Duct tape up that big hole in the end that makes it real quit, In fact if you stuff Styro foam down there first its even Better :D:)

My neighbor had a KTM that the core was completely used up on. He made a new core out of expanded metal. After repacking the thing, it was about 1/2 as loud as it was with a brand new silencer. The deal is, the expanded metal exposed more of the packing thant the perforated core. If you dont know what expanded metal is, its the stuff some screen door dog gaurds are made of. It usually has parallegram shaped holes in it. Ive heard of guys using heavy duty galvanized wire mesh and having good results also.

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