CDI number decoding...

i found multiple posts about cdi part numbers....but nothing that crosses the painted stamped number to year/part number.



the yamaha full part number is not on either of the 2 CDIs i have for my 450. 


Ive only got:






whats what with these things?



anyone have any idea?



The "B0" should be an '08 YZ450F.  The 00-61G might be a late '06.


The full part number isn't generally used because any CDI unit is an 85540.  A 2S2-85540-00-00 is the base PN for an '06, and 2S2-85540-B0-00 is for an '08.  The trailing pair of characters has one of several meanings, usually indicating a minor revision of some sort on a part like this.

ah  makes sense then.  thanks for clarifying that gray.

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