Soft spongy front brakes

Im in the process of rebuilding a bike. Ive added a Galfer Big Brake Kit and stainless steel brake line and new pads and now I cant get the brakes to provide a firm feel at the lever. I have tried using a bleed tool and have pumped a full bottle of fluid through the caliper and lines and still cant get it firm. The brakes work amazing and grab but the feel at the lever is just not right. Not sure why this is happening.

The brakes worked good before changing to the Galfer kit and the SS line.

If the master cylinder was ever run out of oil for more than a few days, you will need to  rebuild it.



Using a C-clamp, compress the caliper pucks all the way in, with the bleeder open.

Close the bleeder and remove the c-clamp.


Using a mitey-vac or similar, pull fresh oil from the resivoir down into the line and caliper.


When the bubbles stop showing, stop.

Close everything up but the MC cover.


Pull the lever in very slowly until you see a bubble form inside the resivoir.

Repeat in and out to that same lever position where the bubbles form, while banging on the brake line, lossening the last bubbles.

Occasionally 'snap' the brake lever very hard to loosen any more air.


Do that till you cannot generate any more bubbles.


Now pump up the lever and zip tie it to the bars overnight.

Yeah the caliper sat for a few months off the bike. Thanks Ill try this

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