05 WR450 chain slapped out a piece of crankcase, options?

Um if your close to the service limit you should get another cylinder or replate it. The hard chrome is only a couple of thousands thick.

The A B C Vertex Pistons refer to their cylinder differences and what piston came with their barrel. A matched cylinder works barrel and piston could be a A B or C Vetex piston size new.

I guess you could fit one of the Vertex Pistons in your cylinder. But you do need to have the size checked and get the proper fit of clearence between the two.

Im almost there!

Finally got time to work on the bike, so far so good.

However since there was a couple of week between the dissembly and the assembly I forgot where one of these black leads came from. I remember that one of them attatched to the started but the other one? They both end up under the seat, one where the fuse is, and the other one goes to the battery. 







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