I bought me a pair of Ohlins...now what?

I paid $550 for some Cannondale Ohlins, complete w/ ENTIRE front wheel assembly (tube, NO tire), brake caliper and triple clamps.

I did pre-screen this purchase w/ a talk w/ the owner of Factory Connection here in NH. He did say the Ohlins were popular w/ Vets due to the more supple ride off the top. He said a couple of his Tech's are using them on their CR/CRF's.

He told me $550 was an absolute steel for these forks. And contrary to some guys knowledge, these Cannondale Ohlins are NOT K-Mart Ohlins.

They will need to be re-valved.

The GOLD color just gives me a hard on...I am going to the...uhhhh...bathroom for a couple of minutes (with my Sears catalog and one fork leg)! :)

Ohlins are very good. Problem with Cannondale designed units is the fit, springs, valving and brake caliper mounting makes it a pain for converting it on the WR450. But they are cool. :)

Indy, will it be an issue when I have the ENTIRE FRONT END off this C-Dale?

I did talk to a fellow TT'er (YZF450 guy) who said the only issue was the triple clamps...???

These forks will NEVER LEAVE ME! They will go from bike to bike.

I kinda fancy getting the internals anadized at Factory Connection. I AM friends w/ the owners brother... :) but I am aware of the Retail Business and giving deals. Once one guy gets a deal, EVERYONE WANTS A DEAL! :D

Congrats on getting the deal!!! Hope to hear a ride report when you get them on.

Kevin, Wow.. You got a great deal... Even if you end up hating them you could always sell them for more money..



so they have the ti nitride coated tubes?

NH Kevin, You will need a custom triple clamps to fit them on your bike if they are not 46 mm forks. Other than that you can use the entire front end but you need a brake caliper, axle mount and maybe spacers for the wheel. Hub rotor postion may not match the caliper postion. This can be a comedy of errors. Be careful. :)

this is what I have (for $550.00)

1 - both forks

2 - entire triple clamp assembly (upper & lower triple clamps and stem)

3 - entire front wheel (including axle, spacers, rim, spokes, rotor, hub, tube, NO [rubber] tire)

4 - entire front brake assembly (lever, master cylinder, steel braided line, front caliper)

Then the only thing you need to make it fit is the stem needs to be pressed out and a yamaha size stem needs to be fitted. I am assuming the steering heads are different from manufacturers. As long as the stem and nut and steering head bearings will fit then you are good to go. :)


You sold your 03, WR450F for a KTM. Any comments??? :)

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