2012 YZ450F Oil Filter - Which way?

I was told the oil filter on the YZ450's can only go in one way. What way is that? When I initially opened the cap the oil filter fell out and i didn't get to see which way it went in. Also the user manual doesn't specify.Is the open side towards the engine or towards the cover?


Thanks :)

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Open side toward motor.

^ that

It should be impossible to bolt the cover back on if you try to install the filter backward.  There should be a short tubular stem the oil output port (open end) slips over. 

It's not impossible. I've installed it backwards but realized it after questioning myself when I too did not pay attention to how the old filter came out. The manual does not clearly describe which direction it should be installed. There's only a vague drawing showing the location of the filter. 


The tubular stem depresses the spring loaded pressure valve (I don't know what it's called) on the filter. The cover will bolt on. I only know this because I'm an idiot sometimes.

No it's no impossible, I put it In backward bolted the cover back up the when I started it the bottom ear that the bolt goes through cracked and lost oil.

Well, that wasn't an improvement.  The '09 and earlier ones had an extrusion on the filter cover that went into th eopen end of the filter (they mounted the other way around, so that it was impossible to install it backward, unless someone installed the "trick" Ready Racing cover that lacked the stem. 


There are serious consequences to reversing the filter.  Flipping it around covers the hole the oil flows through to reach the engine, cutting off the oil supply to the crank, top end, and transmission.  Just like running out of oil.

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