06 yz450f leaking fork oil from the bottom

Hello there just signed up! Love my new bike just picked it up last weekend! 1800 is what i payed for it. Now everything seemed to have checked out when i test rode and inspected the bike. Now when i got it home after it sat in my garage over night i had 2 oil puddles underneath each fork. Everything seemed tight down there. Is this a fork seal problem? Any tricks?

Is1470968283367.jpg1470968288960.jpg1470968297960.jpg it dangerous to trail ride? "I dont jump the bike". So just casual ride would it be safe? 1470968275872.jpg

You can try and clean the seals and wipers (youtube search) to see if it's just grit in there.


Did you inspect the fork tubes for nicks, that would shread the seals?


You can ride it all you want.....but it will handle like crap and get terrible front wheel traction.


Time to get them fixed.

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