Are we Cheating?

never say sorry for having a superior bike, or being a better rider...

These bikes are freely available to anyone with the sense and taste to go and get one... I bet all the two-smokers are whinging because they are jealous - human nature is such that it is easier to find fault with others, than to take a long hard look at your own situation...

Keep on showing them the (blue) light... one of them might even evolve enough to go and get one for themselves... and then the species (dirt riders) will evolve one step higher...

"Horses for Courses" is the old saying, and if their bikes are not set up for that sort of riding, then they will never have a chance... the blue bike has two personalities, and you have obviously discovered one of them...

Enjoy your advantage, remember, you get back to the truck (and beers) well before the others... Now that should make anyone smile... :)


Real cheating is being on the 250F :)

I'm looking for a 92-93 WR200 for my better half, but she just might get a 250F so I can go play when she's not looking!! ;-)

I have never felt guilty for anything I have done,,, Well Cept that time in Mammoth with the two Pit Gals involving, Some Silkolene Pre Mix, a old discraded Foam Filter and a XXL Yamaha Jersy

Nah Never Felt gulty

>>Well Cept that time in Mammoth with the two Pit Gals involving, Some Silkolene Pre Mix, a old discraded Foam Filter and a XXL Yamaha Jersy<<

That was you? LOL!!

Oh Ya

So my reputation proceeds me.

Man that Silkolene gave me a rash for weeks :)


next time use the Mobil 1 Fully "SIN" thetic earl!

keeps the chaffing down to a minimum :)

The mountains I ride in offer some really REALLY challenging runs. Extremely steep, rutted, root infested trails this wind for miles around Southern Oregon. Every time we go riding old blue shines for me. Miss a gear? No problem. come around a tight corner and have to make a mile long climb that's nasty, muddy and full of roots and rocks? Perfect. I know I'm no Larry Rosselor, but the darn bike just makes me feel like I could be.

On these weakly rides there are always a few 250 2 strokes smoking clutches, or smoking their riders trying to get up these tight hills. Do you guys ever feel guilty for making it look easy? Isn't it kind of funny how your riding buddies bad mouth the big blue thumpers at first... "They're heavy" "Too hard to start" "Unreliable" "Too expensive" "Don't handle as good as my CR/KX/RM/YZ 250 etc.." but after a few weaks of riding together I start hearing things like "I'd have made it up that hill if I were on a 426" The only reason I couldn't keep up is because you guys on the 426's have so much more power. Come on.. 176cc's more than our CR/KX/RM/YZ 250's. You're all cheating!"

Hehe.... I love being a big blue cheater!

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