wr426 fuel screw moving while riding

hey guys my wr426 has been refusing to idle as of late :banghead: , i cleaned the carb and that fixed the problem for a little bit, but after a short ride the bike again refused to idle :foul: . i then was able to get the bike to idle by adjusting the fuel screw on the bottom of the carb, the problem was that every time i would ride the bike and pull in the clutch to stop the idle would be bad and the bike would die unless i turned the screw to make the mixture richer. every time that i stop i have to increase the richness of the fuel. finally i stopped and looked at the fuel mixture screw. i noticed that as the engine vibrated that the screw would turn and make the mixture more lean and that was why my bike refused  to idle. does anyone have a fix for this?

New O-ring

Stretch the spring

New O-ring


Stretch the spring

If that does not work I would replace the screw itself. It is suppose to have a small washer between the spring & o-ring. The screw doesn't cost that much.

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