Head lamp connection

Hey guys,


So I've read alot of forums and turns out this bike is hard to convert to the street... but I'm already 90% done and just need help with this last bit. I have an 09 yz450F, already has break lights horn ect. its an independent wire harness from drc for the tail light and blinkers ect. I have an aftermarket stator in it already. I Just need to know what color wire (s) to splice to put the regulator into and connect to the headlight since thats the only thing I cant get working.


Any info you be a great help.

I believe you should have a yellow wire coming off the stator which should be the hot wire.  Your regulator probably needs both the hot and common (black).  Ensure you add fuses for all your electrical loads.

This is where I'm running into my issue, the Yellow wire is the only answer I can find such as this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/537505-tutorial-yz450f-06-up-electrical-system-for-lights/


With the 09 even on the aftermarket stator I only have one wire cluster in the quick connect clip consisting of  white, brown, pink on top and red, green, black on the bottom side.


This is the stator I have, from Electrosport. The regulator is a trail tech.


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