Looking to buy stock WR400 exhaust

(Posted in For Sale forum also) I'm hoping to find a stock WR400 exhaust system, including the quiet insert, to stifle my '98 YZ400F. Anybody have a spare they would like to part with?

Sent you a PM

I snapped my 99 WR 400 muffler can from the pipe a few weeks ago. I have a new E pipe on the way. Louder is better up here, scares the bears off the trail. You can have the muffler can if it's the guts you're after, if that's any good to you. The ice should be melted by the time it gets to Florida. :):D :D

Well, I really am looking for the whole unit, to use as an alternative to the LOUD Big Gun system now on the bike, rather than just the innards.....

I have one if you are still looking. It is complete with the stock insert, came from my 2000 WR400. I have the head pipe too if you are interested. Send me a PM.

Check your PM...

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