Bike that won't start.

Bike has a DRD Exhaust, Twin Air filter, after market suspension and a Hinson slipper clutch

Cams are correct. Just be sure you are on the right mark on the flywheel.   Some of the yamahas have the following mark >>    "   I  "      "  I     I  "       " I---I  I "  


always use the last mark, or if there is a T.  NOT F

 the marks are |--| |. its on the | not the H.

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 the marks are |--| |. its on the | not the H.

Good. Thats where you want it!  Ill pm u in just a sec

Ok current dilemma is the electrical plug for the carb was (I think) unplugged, the ear is broken on it so it didn't stay plugged in. and my pilot jet is a 72? im getting told around 45-48 is where I should be. I kicked it a few times and it was starting to burp so I think its going to go. I had to stop and get something to eat and I'll shortly get out on it giving it a few kicks again.

Ok bike will start and run. I rode it up and down the road a bit and it running good it just won't idle well and it is hard to start. I had 3 people here and we were all tired from kicking it but it fired up. Now my pilot is a 72. What's up with that it way higher then anything I've read on the forums



That's not the pilot jet, it's the starter jet.  It's active only when the "choke" is used.


Your pilot jet is up in a well directly forward of the main jet, and it won't be anywhere close to a 72 under any circumstance.

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