What is NOT needed? (Wiring)

I'm building my roadracer with the WR426 engine and I need to know what I can get rid of in the wiring. Looks like I only need the CDI. But... where do I run the kill switch? Do I need the wiring harness for any reason? Do I need the regulator? Do I need a ground?


nevermind... i figured out i need most of the loom for coil, ground, and off switch. But... do i need the regulator? Not running any powered equipment.

Got any pics of the project yet? Sounds cool :D I don't know that I can help with the wiring though but I have converted a few bikes to racers and some racers back to street. It's always trial and error but there is quite a bit of weight to be saved by removing the excess wires completely from the loom, or better yet fabricate a new one from scratch. The parts that usually gave me the most headache were the safety switches (clutch, neutral, sidestand). They can be tricky to sort out without the diagram if you don't have a running bike to start with :). Just keep pluggin away, you'll get it eventually :D

Hey! I found spark, loaded it up and got 2nd! Yes, it was trial and error. I'll post a link for pics soon.

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