WR Exhaust Inserts

I am looking for opinions on which aftermarket exhaust insert delivers the most performance with the least noise. Vortip? Thumper Racing? Others...?

Look into the Baja Design Tip. It's made it through all the tech inspections, and performs well. Ron

I have a Vortip in my WR250F and am very impressed with it. My bike performs as well as it did without the plug and the sound is very quiet. Try www.finelinesuspension.com , they have them for only $54. Good luck.


'01 WR250F

I have the fineline Vortip as well. I can notice a difference, and my bike runs a bit better without the insert in. Not sure how much of that is jetting... The Top is a little flatter, and the bottom doesn't have the snap that it does unplugged. For the money it is an excellent investment, and well worth it in promoting quiet bikes. I still pull mine out when riding way out in the dunes though. Riding in the forest, the vortip is ALWAYS in...

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