Phat Numbers?

Can someone tell me who makes the large/wide numbers similar to what McGrath (2) and Carmichael (4) have on their bikes. I want to get some for my 426 but I don't know the manufactures name or what those type of numbers are called. I thought I heard someone refer to them as "Phat" or "Pro", but I really can't tell from the descriptions or pictures in the catalogs if they are what Im looking for. If anyone could also offer up some places online where I can order them, it would be much appreciated.

I once had a girl friend that was Phat, But I dont remember her looking like Jeramy Mcgraph

In fact I think she looked more like Ricky lake

ahh Never mind I was drunk most that time any way



My dealer has them in stock and they do mail order. Call 1-877-475-5711 Capitol Cycle in Macon Ga. Ask for Aaron Lindsey in parts. He's a multi-time Loretta Lynn Champion and he's a kewl dude, too. He's riding some GNCC races on a 250F now.

Just by the ones labeled "Pro's" I know N-Style makes them, along with most major graphics companies.


factory efex makes them

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